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    Customer feedback is the best guide to improve our restaurant industry. No matter how you plan to attract the customers, or how thoroughly you craft the customer experience, you’ll never get to experience your restaurant as your guests do. Even if you sit at a table for a whole shift and watch which you should do you still won’t get the full picture.

    The only way to know what it’s like to dine at your restaurant is to actually ask your customers, and you can do this by conducting a brief about customer satisfaction. You can get guest feedback and participate through the online survey, in the form of comment cards, through an emailed or texted receipt, or on your handheld POS system. You can also ask the customer satisfaction, or observe them to know what people are thinking about the restaurant and also get from the review sites.

    However, you need to ask and take the customer satisfaction survey right questions in the customer feedback form, otherwise, you won’t get the useful information which will help you to improve the restaurant survey. You need to provide the mix multiple-choice questions with open-ended ones so that the customers can freely explain their positive/negative feedback at mcdvoice official site.

    In this article, we have conducted the 30 restaurant survey questions, so that the customers can answer the selected questions out of them to take the customer survey. No one has time to fill all the answer among all, but have a look at these questions and decide which one is related to your fast food restaurant. You can rotate the same questions with different types to get the feedback at different times. If you have select the question, read on and learn what to do with the answers.

    Questions to Ask on Mcdonalds Survey to Participate

    Here we provide the Two Most Important Questions

    Don’t conduct restaurant survey questions without knowing these two questions in the survey form. By participating this Mcdvoice survey you will know about your biggest strengths and weaknesses throughout the customer feedback.

    What was the best part of your visit at the Mcdonalds?

    What was the worst part of your visit?

    General Questions

    Gather information about your customers, how they heard about this restaurant and the basics of your restaurant.

    Was this your first time at the restaurant?

    How did you hear about us?

    How often do you visit?

    How likely is it that you would come back? Very Likely / Likely / Unlikely / Very Unlikely.

    Do you find that our restaurant is family-friendly? Yes / No and Explain.

    Are our hours convenient? Yes / No and Explain.

    How far did you travel to visit us today?

    If _____ was an option, would you try it out? (This question can be adjusted to fit any new process or product you’re considering testing – an online reservation system, a new dish, a drink special, etc.) Yes / No and Explain.

    Facilities Questions

    These restaurant survey questions will address issues of accessibility and cleanliness in your restaurant. Participate the survey at the official website of www.mcdvoice.com

    If you use a wheelchair, did you find the staff and facilities accommodating? Yes / No and Explain.

    Were the seats comfortable? Yes / No and Explain.

    Were the bathrooms and other facilities clean? Yes / No and Explain.

    Was the music volume to your liking? Yes / No and Explain.

    Food & Drink Questions

    You need to participate the customer satisfaction survey which is related to the product of quality of food and drink at your restaurant whether it is good and the main reason why someone choose to dine in your restaurant, so make sure your food menu is at its best.

    How would you rate the value of our food? Rate from 1 (Poor Value) to 5 (Great Value).

    Were you pleased with our drink offerings? Yes / No and Explain.

    Is there anything you’d want to see on the menu that’s missing? Yes / No and Explain.

    Do you find our menu has something for everyone? Yes / No and Explain.

    How would you rate the range of options on our menu? Too Few Options / Just Right / Too Many Options.

    If you have any dietary restriction, were you accommodated well today? Yes / No and Explain.

    Service Questions

    The way we were making people feel was even more powerful than what we put on the plate and in the glass at restaurant. Your service can have a huge impact on whether or not a first-time customer retention becomes a regular, so make sure everything should be checked and served.


    Who was your server today? (This question is particularly helpful if you’re trying to figure out who your star servers are and who might need a little more training.)

    Was the service friendly and welcoming? Yes / No and Explain.

    Did the food come out fast enough? Yes / No and Explain.

    If there were any issues, did your server handle them well? Yes / No and Explain.

    Tech Questions

    If you’ve recently implemented new POS technology, it’s worth asking your customers for the Mcdvoice survey how they perceive the user experience. If you’re offering delivery via an online ordering provider, make sure that the food is arriving quickly and that it arrives fresh.

    Was our checkout system efficient? Yes / No and Explain.

    Did you enjoy using our handheld checkout system and/or kiosk? Yes / No and Explain.

    If you ordered online, how quickly did your food arrive?

    If you ordered online, did the food appear and taste fresh when it arrived? Yes / No and Explain.

    Which online ordering provider did you use?

    Did you use any of our discounts or special offers at the Mcdonalds store?

    Other Ways to Get Answers: POS & NPS

    It's important to gather feedback as frequently as possible, so one way to get the most important questions out of the way are through your POS system. Guest experience feature texts or emails the following question to a customer survey, as a follow-up to their answer on the thumbs up / thumbs down the question on a Toast Go POS, Kiosk, or Online Ordering.